Zanzibar Dolphin Swim 2024

Swim with Dolphins in Zanzibar Island

Swim with Dolphins in Zanzibar Island
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Zanzibar Dolphin Tour starts at Kizimkazi, an old fishing village located in the south of the island, 60 kilometers away from Stone Town, and 26 kilometers away from Jambiani. This tour is an amazing opportunity to observe and swim with dolphins in their natural habitat.

The dolphin tour normally starts very early because it’s the best time to spot dolphins, and the starting point is the village of Kizimkazi, where you get all the necessary equipment consisting of snorkeling gear: mask, life jacket, and flippers.

It is not possible to bring any devices with you (camera, etc.), but don’t worry – you’ll be provided with a free locker on land where you can leave all your things. Once you embark on your small boat, the captain/professional guide takes you to the area where it’s most likely to spot the bottle-nosed and Humpback dolphins. In most cases, you get to see them, and sometimes they get really close to you.

Before I went on that tour, I had already experienced dolphin interaction, so I wasn’t particularly excited. However, I enjoyed watching them swimming in their natural habitat, even though they were quite far from our boat.

I disliked one thing, though. The water of the ocean was very dark and obviously full of planktons (?!) because my body would itch so bad every time I jumped into the water (full of hope that the dolphins would come to me).

The overall tour was nice, but nothing spectacular. I recommend it for people who have never experienced a dolphin watch before.

Zanzibar dolphin swim 2024