Prison Island Half-Day Tour from Zanzibar

A trip to Prison Island (or Changuu island) is normally offered as a combo with Stone Town tour, as the small island is located only a 30-minute boat ride from Stone Town (5.6 kilometers away from the capital).

The island was named after its original purpose: to serve as a prison for rebellious slaves in the 19th century, but instead, it became a quarantine station for yellow fever cases.

Nowadays, Prison Island is owned by a government and is home to endangered species of Aldabra giant tortoises, which were brought to Zanzibar as a gift from the British governor of Seychelles in 1919.

There is a 4 $ entry fee to pay if you want to see the turtles which are being kept in a sheltered, isolated area of the island. The experience is absolutely worth it as you get to interact with turtles, feed, and pet them. The tour is very family-friendly and a truly memorable experience!

Most of the guided Prison Island tours include some free time on the island as well, so you can enjoy some beach time and swim in crystal clear Zanzibar waters.

Prison Island Half-Day Tour from Zanzibar