Spice Island Tour in Zanzibar


This island is a veritable treasure trove of spices that were worth more than currency, sometimes bartered traded. Even as your knowledgeable guide talks to you about the many uses of spices aside from being used as food flavoring, you will understand that these spices have curative properties that were invaluable in the olden days, in the absence of modern medicine. The ancients also used them as coloring for fabrics and revered them in their religious rites.

Spice Island Tour – Zanzibar

Another name for Zanzibar is the “spice island”, as many exotic spices grow on the spice plantations spread across the island.

A tour guide explaining the spices on a spice tour in Zanzibar

A tour guide explaining the spices on a spice tour in Zanzibar

Our Spice tour included a visit to a spice farm located in the area of Bububu village, located only 16 kilometers from Zanzibar City and 63 kilometers from Jambiani. The tour usually consists of a guided walk through the plantations which last up to 2 hours. The local guides point you out the most exotic plants such as cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and nutmeg, that you get the chance to touch, feel, and smell.

It usually includes the tropical fruits tasting accompanied with a presentation of each fruit, and some free time to shop for spices and souvenirs: I recommend you try Zanzibar cinnamon coffee with vanilla, Zanzibar vanilla tea, and Zanzibar mango tea.

Locals are also very friendly and approachable – for everyone in the group they made palm tree hats and offered us a very special drink – fresh coconut they picked from the palm trees along the way. This Spice Island tour is a true blast for the senses, and I highly recommend you experience it while in Zanzibar.